• Orrie Stenroos- Owner, Senior Biologist, Ph.D.-Interdisciplinary & Cell Biology, Med. Coll. of GA

• Professor, Lynchburg College Biology Dept. Total years College Teaching -35

• CEO Cent. Virginia Laboratory & Consultants 1990 -1992, CEO Enviro Safety Group 1997 - 2004

• Vice President Enviro Safety Group 2008-2012, President ESG-Mold Group 2013-Present

• Mold Experience- MORE THAN: 600 mold inspections, 150 remediations, 200 mitigation protocols, 15 mold seminars in VA and NC:Licensed Mold Inspector, VA- When program was In effect

-- The president and owner of the company is Orrie Stenroos who has been involved with environmental businesses since 1986 and mold issues beginning in 2004.

• Board Chair of Central Virginia Laboratories and Consultants 1987-1992
• Board Chair of Enviro Safety Group, 1997-2004.
• President of ESG -Mold Services, 2013 -present.

• Ph.D.: Cellular and Interdisciplinary Biology (NIH ReserchFellow)-Medical College of Georgia
• Post-doctoral researchInstitute of Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics. (NSF Research Fellow) Florida State University.
• M.S.-Zoology and Physiology, North Dakota State University
• Further graduate study -Physiology, Florida State University,
• B. A. -Biology, University of Minnesota, Duluth.
• Background of 34 years teaching biology at the college level, eight teaching senior level college classes in Microbiology.
• Licensed as a Mold Inspector when that was required by Virginia.
• Attended hands-on mold mitigation/inspection classes, webinars relating to mold issues and online classes on mold inspections and mitigations.

• Approximately 150 mold mitigation events, more than 500 mold inspections and samplings in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia, since 2004. Written more than 200 mold mitigation protocols.
• Certified to teach mold related courses for state of NC for several years.
• Presented more than 12 mold courses in VA and NC for general audiences.